Become Ambassador


Dear Ambassadors,

I should like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our association ‘An Ocean of Life’. You must certainly have noticed, as I have, that the state of our planet is going from bad to worse. Industrial pollution is poisoning the air we breathe and increasing due to the greenhouse effect of global warming.
The expansion of industrial fishing is emptying our oceans and leaving no time for its flora and fauna to reproduce. You have all seen the results of the COP21. All the great nation’s politicians have finally found an agreement to limit Earth’s deterioration. They are all very proud of themselves – but they have given themselves a time limit of 100 years to react. They wont even be there in 50 years’ time. We are being made a laughing stock and the planet ridiculed.

It is for this reason that I have decided to work at my own level to limit the damage, without pretensions but with one conviction: ACT NOW!! I believe that if we want things to change we should each take action in our own way, with our own means, and that by acting together for a mutual cause we can manage to build something positive and leave a better inheritance for our children. We have to do this work as a team, no other way is possible, and all move forward together. I am counting on you to help me progress in this noble cause which concerns us all.

Just picking up one piece of trash is a small gesture for a great cause.

Thank you, Ambassadors.

René HEUZEY, Founder and president of the association.



A daily eco-citizen project

There are millions of people all over the world – young and not so young, workers, sailors, bathers, divers or holidaymakers – who benefit from the sea.
If each and every one of these people, while they are at sea, on a river or a lake, picks up or brings up to the surface a piece of rubbish they come across, imagine how many tons of trash could be removed from the water and recycled.  And all this without depriving anyone of his or her pleasure as this gesture would just be for fun, simply a reflex. Everyone would become an eco-volunteer. Focus will be placed on responsible adults so that this challenge will serve as an example and be used to educate future generations. It’s a project that everyone will benefit from.

Oceans cover 70% of the planet and produce 80% of its oxygen and its food. Their equilibrium and their cleanliness are vital for the survival of planet Earth and the human race. If the oceans die, we die. We can change things because we have the means to act every day of the year.


The ambassadors

Are individual people or organizations (companies, associations) who wish to represent the association An Ocean of life anywhere in the world.

Missions and actions of ambassadors

  1. Communicate with and inform family, friends and those around you who wish to participate in the above-mentioned actions of the association An Ocean of life.
  2. Distribute blue nets to those who wish to participate in waste collection, liaise with the association by forwarding enquiries and subscriptions, repay sums of money collected from the sale of blue nets to the association An Ocean of life.
  3. Retrieve data from those participating in the project, such as:
    – Photos
    – Videos
    and forward them to the headquarters in Marseille by Internet or communicate the internet link to people so they can transfer the data themselves.
    Important note:
    The ambassador must ensure that information given to him or her by other people contains the precise location of waste collection or animal rescue. The ideal would be GPS positioning of the exact place where trash was picked up or where the rescue took place.
  4. The ambassador collects data directly onto a numbered account which will be attributed to him or her.
  5. The ambassador will compile a report of the data supplied to him or her and of any activities and events that have taken place and will transmit this report every month to the association An Ocean of life.
  6. The ambassador will be in possession of printed information sheets distributed by the association; his or her mission will be to give them to the people who collect the trash.
  7. The ambassador must inform people about the data required and how to fill in the information sheets correctly. He must publish their photos, videos and information sheets on the net if they are unable to do it themselves.

Concerning subscription rates:

The ambassador will apply the same prices and conditions for subscriptions as those of the association An Ocean of life.

  • Adult rate: 30 euros per year
  • Junior rate (15 to 18 yrs): 20 20 euros per year on presentation of documentary proof of age

Partners co-operating as ambassadors

  • Local communities
  • Organisations
  • Associations
  • Sponsors
  • Manufacturers
  • Commercial brands
  • Dive clubs or centres
  • School groups