Notre partenariat avec le groupe Accenture

Voici le petit film qui résume très bien notre partenariat avec le groupe Accenture. Merci Clarisse Coufourier, Indian Ocean Marine Life Foundation, Sophie Pillot, Dick Kwan Tat, @Megan Kwan Tat, Un Océan de Vie de René Heuzey


Accenture Careers in Mauritius

Discover our collaboration with the Indian Ocean Marine Life Foundation in today’s short documentary film.

Witness the journey as Accenture teams up with the foundation to protect marine life and educate the next generation. From our training sessions to eye-opening visits to schools and a boat trip, this film captures every moment of our joint efforts.
But that’s not all! Learn about the future and vision of our collaboration, focusing on two key pillars: educating young minds and digitalising data capture processes.
Join us on this inspiring adventure towards a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans and marine life. Learn how Accenture is creating real change!
A big « thank you » to Sophie Pillot and her students who welcomed us at Ecole du Nord.
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